Swimming Pool and Solarium

Il Parco di Kipo is a charming agritourism surrounded by a park and hills, in the land of Macerata!

The uniqueness of the agritourism is that the building is an elegant and modern villa surrounded by a large, well-kept garden, this is what makes it unique in the Marche Region.

One of the important features of Kipo Park is the presence of a wonderful open swimming pool by hedges and trees of various kinds, which make the stay here and the entire atmosphere of this agritourism very special and charming.

The facilities also provide:

  • WiFi connection,
  • Laundry service for a fee nearby,
  • free bike rental,
  • shuttle service to and from the airport and train station for a fee,
  • savour and purchase farm products and live near country farm activities

From our location it is easy to reach some of the major cities of the Marche Region:

  • Macerata,
  • Recanati,
  • Portorecanati,
  • Numana,
  • Monte Conero,
  • Osimo, Ancona
  • and more ...

Restaurant with local specialties

A restaurant that serves food specialties of the Marche region is a restaurant that renders the cuisine of the past a real triumph. The restaurant meets these needs, without forgetting style.